Family Center Project Underway

There is nothing harder for our staff than telling a parent that we have no room for their family. Well, that is about to change. Renovation has started on the last hurricane damaged building on our Washington Street campus. It will be our Family Center and more than double our capacity to serve families with children. When complete, the center will be able to accommodate up to 9 families.

There are hundreds of homeless children going to school in St. Johns County. Most of them are part of a family.

Can you imagine not being able to provide a roof over the head of your children? Or wondering whether you will be able to buy formula for your baby?

Many of these parents have jobs. They are the working poor, trying to escape homelessness. Saving money for an apartment is just a dream.

Since 2012, St. Francis House has operated a Family Shelter. But more room is desperately needed.
You can be the hope that these families need. You can be their shelter.
Every gift will help save a family. Now is your chance to fill the Family Shelter with your gifts of hope.

Make your gift today!