Port in the Storm will be a safe place for unaccompanied/homeless youth in crisis. These are the invisible homeless – unaccompanied at-risk youth. They are the throw-a-ways. The ones for whom going home is worse than being on the streets. The ones not missed when they leave. For any child to live like this is unconscionable.

Facts About our Homeless Youth

  • 34% of homeless individuals are 24 or under
  • Florida’s teen homeless population is the fastest growing in the U.S.
  • St. Francis House has seen a 54% increase in young people since 2010
  • In 2016, St. Johns County had 199 unaccompanied/homeless youth attending school
  • Outreach Teams estimate that there may be as many as 2x that number on the streets not attending school

The Port in the Storm youth program will include a day-drop-in center staffed with professional case managers experienced in youth crisis. As well as access to food, a shower, clean clothes, a safe caring environment founded on the principals of Positive Youth Development.

Once renovations of the youth center are complete, shelter beds will be available for up to 16 youth.

A Capital Campaign is presently underway to fund the Port in the Storm Building and program costs.

You have the power to change the life of a young person with your support of the campaign to open the Port in the Storm Youth Center. Contact Karen Hensel, Assistant Director at karen.hensel@stfrancisshelter.org or 904-824-8987 ext. 2012 for information.