No Place To Go … But Here!

When the landlord raised their rent, Jake, Shelly, and their daughter had no place to go … 

Jake and Shelly were doing OK.  Not great, but OK.  They both had a job.  A friend watched their 7-year-old daughter Ashley during the summer so that they could both work.  They were saving what they could.  But what they had not planned for is being told by their landlord that their rent was going up….a lot.  Even with both working they could not afford the increase.  When they couldn’t find a place that they could afford, and their savings ran out, the only option they had was their car or St. Francis House.  Thanks to your generosity this family was saved from the streets because of the shelter. 

Jake and Shelly were able to keep their jobs because of the St. Francis House Family shelter.  Simple things like being able to take showers and wash their clothes made that possible.  Their case manager worked with them to create a budget and a plan to get them back in to housing.  They wanted to give Ashley the security of a home and her own bed before school started.  While at the shelter their immediate needs were met, which enabled them to put all their efforts into saving and locating a place to live.  Like other parents, Jake and Shelly wanted to give their child a safe place to live.  The comprehensive programs at St. Francis House, that YOU provide for people like Jake and Shelly keep families together, giving them hope and helping them pursue the lives they dream of.  Because of your generosity, Jake and Shelly and Ashley will be in their own place before school starts.  YOU are helping keep families safe and dreams come true.