Port in the Storm of Life

Todd knew it was coming.  He knew that as soon as he turned 18 he would be on his own.  What he didn’t know is how your generous support of Port in the Storm Homeless Youth Center would affect his life.

Even when he was still at home, he spent a lot of his time roaming the streets.  He felt lucky though.  At least no one was abusing him like some other kids he knew.  They just didn’t care – maybe that was worse.  None of his friends could take him in.  So, when his 18th birthday came, he was officially and completely homeless.  Todd had a part time job.  But he knew it wouldn’t last long if he couldn’t even take a shower.  While on the streets one day met the SOS – Youth Street Outreach Team.  They told he him about Port in the Storm Homeless Youth Center. 

While he wasn’t quite sure about going to a center for help, he figured it had to be better than his current situation.  He was surprised to find a bunch of kids around his age there, a shower, food, a place to wash his clothes and people who listened.   For the first time in a long time, he didn’t feel alone.  Alone is a terrible place when you are 18 and staring in the face of an adult world that you have no idea how to navigate.  Thanks to your support, Port in the Storm is here for Todd and others like him who have lost hope and have nowhere to turn.  Every day more lives are touched by your generosity at Port in the Storm. You are saving our kids!