Your Helping Hand Is All It Took

For our neighbors living paycheck to paycheck, an accident can result in homelessness. Your gifts kept John off the streets and helped him return to health and housing.

Construction is everywhere in St. Johns County.  If you know how to swing a hammer and are dependable, you can work.  That was John.  He worked hard and went to work everyday.  Because rent is so high in St. Johns County he shared a place with another guy.  Sharing a place is the only way to survive.  But everything changed when he had an accident.  While he was in the hospital his roommate stole his tools and most of his belongings leaving him homeless and without the tools of his trade.  His only option was the street or St. Francis House.   

John was a worker, a survivor, not a homeless guy!  How did I get here, he thought?  Just bad luck.  Within a few weeks he was strong enough to go back to work and start saving money for a place to live.  Your gifts helped purchase the things he needed to get back to work.   While at the shelter he met Zack, who also needed a roommate.  Together they were able to find a place and become independent again.  Such a simple thing.  Your gifts were the difference between a desperate situation and hope.  Your generous gifts made it possible for John and Zack to avoid the streets, overcome the challenges of homelessness and get back on their feet.